SYNLawn Berlin provides Commercial artificial grass services to all of Deutschland. Our areas of expertise are included, but not limited to, the following sections listed below. Read more to find out more about our highest-quality turf products for commercial properties and discover why architects and specifiers prefer spec’ing SYNLawn artificial grass into their projects.

SYNLawn Berlin has the perfect artificial grass solution for Commercial landscape applications

SYNLawn is a recognized name in artificial grass for commercial landscape applications in Germany. Our high-quality artificial turf systems are designed to enhance the landscape aesthetics of commercial facilities and other public places while saving a great deal on maintenance time and landscaping expenses. If you’re looking for remarkable new synthetic fiber fabricated from innovative Envirofill you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s everyday areas with regular foot traffic or sprawling landscapes like shopping areas and playgrounds, SYNLawn’s commercial grass offerings have become the obvious choice for businesses and contractors looking to save money on maintenance costs without compromising on quality. This is important to businesses and municipalities who typically desire a quick ROI (return on investment) immediately after the installation of SYNLawn synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass brings welcome benefits to commercial enterprises in Germany that are looking to lower costs while maintaining pristine aesthetics. Imagine a world where you enjoy beautiful commercial landscapes with no water required for maintenance in places such as a hotel pool, highway medians, and other commercial areas. With SYNLawn’s artificial turf, you can be guaranteed durability especially in areas with high volumes of foot traffic. That’s why our synthetic turf has become the preferred choice for many local shopping areas including numerous outdoor venues.

Benefits For Contractors

Contractors love SYNLawn artificial grass due to its quality and high ROI. Unlike many of our competitors, we actually make what we sell and back up our artificial grass products with the most credible manufacturer warranties in the industry!

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Commercial applications of SYNLawn's artificial grass in Berlin, Germany

SYNLawn’s artificial turf delivers practical, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly benefits for businesses and other commercial enterprises. Take for instance the fact that lawn mowing is no longer necessary. This not only saves money on landscaping costs, it also reduces over-reliance on the use of fossil fuels. Additionally, no pesticides and fertilizer treatments are necessary to fight weed germination. And when it rains, the water drains and dries relatively quickly without any damage to the grass.

Our artificial turf is perfect for Germany’s schools, shopping centers, playgrounds (for pets and humans), sports facilities such as stadiums, malls, walkways, and even rooftops. With SYNLawn, you can treat your customers to lush green landscapes for years to come without spending a great deal on water and landscaping.


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